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Allure Games Pack 3.0

Allure Games Pack is a complete casual games set for Windows Mobile. Need to wait for a train or plane? Xonix entertains you for those ten minutes. Are children not letting you watch a baseball game? Hangman and Memory not only bring them fun but also raise their language knowledge and memory skills. Have 10-20 minutes to spare? Cowboy is a addictive game where you control a cowboy that uses his lasso to catch different kinds of prizes. Love to keep your brain busy? Sokoban has a lot of puzzle levels for you. Checkers and Reversi are perfect to play against a computer or a friend. Still think there is no game for you? There are. Lines and Pipes are games for all ages, for any mood, with easy rules and great fun for everyone! Looking for a solitaire game? Enjoy 8 great solitaires of Allure Solitaires! There are additional bonuses for Allure Games Pack owners: - A total of 11 high quality games! - New levels for existing games are published on a regular basis! - When we develop a new game, Allure Games Pack owners get it for free!

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System requirements: PocketPC 2003/2003 SE, or Windows Mobile 5.0
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